Some of my favorite math websites

Since I started back up at school last year studying computer science and environmental science, I’ve had to jump feet first into re-learning higher-level math. I took pre-calculus during my first semester as a refresher and just wrapped up my second semester of discrete math. I’ve learned about predicate calculus, writing proofs, Big-O notation, probability, combinatorics, and set theory. I am loving it.

I have found a number of great math blogs and sites that are helping me round out my math skills and wanted to share them here. In no particular order, here are some of my favorite math sites.

Ars Mathematica

Not Even Wrong

Secret Blogging Seminar

Gower’s Weblog

The World of Mathematics

Math ∩ Programming

Planet Math

Patrick JMT


Vi Hart

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Merry Christmas world!

Technically it’s the day after Christmas, but I haven’t gone to bed yet, so I’m going to count it.

Merry Christmas everyone. I had a wonderful day and I hope you all did as well. Here’s to New Years and a healthy and happy 2013!

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For hire- me: blogger, media architect, social media guy


I am available for hire.

Are you looking for someone who knows the ins and outs of blogging, social media, and content marketing? Someone with a focus on the green side of the coin and with a deep background in entrepreneurship?

If you are, or know someone who is, look no further. I might just be your guy.

For the past six years I have made a living as a green blogger (I started my first blog in 2001). In 2006, I started up the first environmental blog network Green Options with entrepreneur David Anderson and have counted myself as a professional writer ever since. I landed at MNN just ahead of its launch in 2009.

One of the benefits of working as a blogger is a flexible schedule that has allowed me to work on a lot of good projects outside writing for MNN. Recently I helped build a clean tech news site and wrote and executed a successful social media plan for an independent movie. I can write, hire, manage, edit, network, market, and strategize. I have a deep background in entrepreneurialism and have acquired a lot of handy random skills over the years.

A large spot has opened up in my work availability so I am using all angles to turn up good new projects. I hereby submit myself over to the serendipity of the tubes and tunnels of the interwebs:

Is anyone looking to hire someone who knows a lot about online publishing, content marketing, social media, blogger relations, and marketing strategy?

If so, I’m available. Hire me.

I am looking for a good new project to work on. If you have such a project and are looking for someone with my qualifications, you should email me so we can talk. Or if you know someone who has a good project, send them this link and tell them to get in touch.

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It’s official. I am relaunching this site after many years of benevolent dormancy. It will serve as my portfolio/dynamic resume and as a place for me to share random thoughts, links, and whatnot. I expect the site will be in the full swing of things, publishing-wise, by the new year. 

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Hello World

Hello World

Test test. Kick the tires. Sweep off the dust. Check check, microphone check 1. 2. 3!?

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My blog hates me

My blog hates me. I’ve lost all its data (Bluehost’s fault), left it to wither on the vine for months at a time, and generally don’t give it the love and attention it deserves. I switched it over to and saved myself $120/year. It’s live and I hope to find time to massage it back to life.

For these keeping track, this is version six of, live since 2001.

Check me out at, where I’m the lead blogger on the Earth Matters page and write about global warming, green politics, and renewable energy. You can also find me on Facebook.

I’m a prolific user of Twitter and StumbleUpon and my photos live at Flickr.

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