Every now and then I end up  on the other side of the mediascope. Here are some links.

• Huffington Post | Top 10 Green Twitter Tweeters (Who You Should Follow)

• Green Living Radio | Green Living Ideas interview

• Mashable | Green Tweets: 75+ Environmentalist to Follow on Twitter

• Treehugger | 10 Techy Green Twitterers to Follow

• Grist | How to find other greenies on Twitter

• American Express Open Forum | Top 10 Green Twitters to Check Out

• Gawker | Here’s How to Condescend to 900 Job Applicants with a 3000+ word rejection letter

• Guardian | Job Rejection Letter to End All Others

• Salon | Sorry Gawker, My 42 Point Plan Helped Job Seekers

• Greenopia | Follow Them- 20 Great Green Twitter Streams

• Compost Guy | Shea Gunther- Teepee-Living Technologist

• GreenUpgrader | #Ecomonday Twitter Suggestions

• The Sunday Best | Shea Gunther

• David Kaufer | Shea Gunther (@SheaGunther)

• Blisstree | Green Tweets: 10 Twitter Users to Follow for Earth Month

• Green Economy Post | 5 Green Twitter Memes You Should be Using To Get More Followers

• 4 Entrepreneur | Best Green Twitter Feeds

• Red, Green, & Blue | Twittering Eco-Politics: 10 Twitter Users You Should Follow

• Ecopolitology | Environmental Politics on Twitter: Who to Follow

• No Umbrella Media | No Umbrella talks with Shea Gunther: green blogger, social media guru, and Super Secret Project guy

• Boing Boing | T-shirt says “I am a terrorist” in binary (my shop- Shea)

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