My writing

I have been working as a professional blogger since 2006 and have been writing for since 2009. You can read my MNN posts and my Twitter and Facebook feeds. I’ve been known to use StumbleUpon from time to time.

I’m this guy (my response).

Here a few of my favorite pieces:
> Top 10 ways to prepare for the total breakdown of society without looking like a (complete) lunatic (
> Why Joel Makower Is Optimistic About The Future Of Green Business (
> Sorry Gawker: My 42-point plan helped job seekers. (
> Finding structure within randomness (

In addition to the articles linked above, I’ve written thousands of daily posts and over 70 long-form stories for MNN. Here are my list articles:
> 10 of the world’s most famous whales
> Six good things Richard Nixon did for the environment
> The 7 worst neighborhoods near refineries
> 6 animals beloved by crazy drug lords
> 6 eco-friendly presidents
> Explore the catacombs of Paris
> 9 of the world’s thinnest buildings
> 6 green ways to invest your income tax refund

> Seven green jobs to get you through the recession
> 7 awesome American bike-friendly employers
> 7 interesting bits of environmental trivia
> 6 unbelievable animals
> 7 amazing examples of biomimicry
> 8 influential green websites (besides MNN)
> World’s 7 most amazing trees
> 5 ski resorts that make green a priority

> 7 famous albino animals
> 11 awesome bikes made of wood
> 7 biggest snowstorms of all time
> 7 of the coldest places in the world to live
> 9 mountains you may never see in person
> 5 great moments from Hollywood’ green wannabes
> 6 foods we could lose in an outbrak
> Planking: 11 examples of a bizarre pastime

> 6 world-changing filmmakers
> 8 moments that shaped the environmental movement
> 7 green gift ideas for a great dad
> 7 apps to help you get the most out of nature
> 6 of the world’s most remote communities
> 6 green things the U.S. military is doing
> 5 ways to green your Valentine’s Day
> 10 great green moments in planes, trains, and automobiles
> Drunkard animals: 5 creatures that consume fermented fruit or drinks

> Endemic species: Top 9 lonely animals
> 5 tips to a greener Easter
> 7 ridiculously expensive cat and dog breeds
> 5 of the greenest golf courses in the world
> 7 unlikely things global warming could take away
> 8 images of NYC in the early 1990s
> 6 of the saddest zoos in the world
> 9 of the most beautiful places in the spring
> 9 of the craziest things made of wood

> 7 lakes and rivers that are drying up
> 20 amazing wind farm photos
> 7 American organic beers to help ring in a St. Patrick’s Day
> Fact or fiction? 7 eco-myths debunked
> 8 awesome urban chicken coops
> 10 animals on the verge of extinction
> 7 inventors killed by their inventions
> 6 unbelievable animals
> 7 ulta green extreme sports

> 9 surprising places to surf besides the ocean 1-4. 5-9.
> 10 green Twitters you should follow
> 5 American towns leapfrogging towards a greener future
> 4 famous explorers who died in the middle of their missions
> Biochar 101
> 5 low-tech innovations making a difference in the developing world
> 5 teens who have sailed around the world solo
> Environmental choices the Romans made
> 4 unbelievable spy gadgets

> 5 heroic acts caught on video
> 7 places where you can get a free online education
> 39 green South Park clips 1-10, 11-20, 21-29, 30-39.
> 4 professional snowboarders who double as environmentalists
> 7 early videos of now-everyday technology
> 8 of the scariest cats on YouTube
> 19 awesome animal vs. animal videos from YouTube page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4
> 6 everyday things seen really close up

> 6 awesome bacon-flavored products
> 6 huge American landfills and the people who live nearby
> 8 grossest things Bear Grylls has consumed
> 6 great environmental pranks
> 5 environmental revelations from Wikileaks
> Top 10 green ‘Family Guy’ clips

Here are some of the interviews that I’ve conducted:
> Roger Doiron of Kitchen Gardener International
> John Rooks: TEDxDirigo interview
> John Rooks: Marketing should do more than just promote
> Scott Cassell: Scuba diver attempting record-setting 30-mile dive
> Randy and Carlos, owners of Costa Rica’s Monte Azul boutique hotel
> Adam Burk of TEDxDirigo
> Michael d’Estries: The Original Green Blogger
> Don DiCostanzo: Electronic bike entrepreneur

> Waylon Lewis: New media pioneer, lazy yogi, elephant lover
> Danielle Brigida is leading the NWF into the world of social media
> Joel Makower: Green business maven shares his insights
> Chris Briley: Green architect, big thinker
> Bentley Christie is crazy about worms, composting worms that is
> Seth Goldman: Founder of Honest Tea, rap star
> Christian Wisecarver: Organic rap producer
> Quayle Hodek: A young CEO running with the wind

> Michael Parrish DuDell is a vegan on a mission
> David and Morgan Surkin are masters of the art of play
> Marc Gunther: Keeping watch on the business of green
> Starre Vartan: Environmental writer, blogger, and green living expert
> Josh Dorfman: The anything but Lazy Environmentalist
> Peter Troast: Energy efficiency eco-entrepreneur
> Jason Graham-Nye wants to change the way we diaper our babies
> Chris Tackett: Green blogger, social media pro

> Troy Dayton is on the forefront of the legal medical cannabis market
> Leon Godwin: Long-distance hiker, musician, photographer, compost-addicted gardener
> Toby Jacobs and Scott Duncan are looking out for the red mangroves
> Kate Sheppard: Political journalist with an eye on the environment
> Jereme Monteau is a modern day eco code warrior
> Nick Callanan is quietly building his outdoor media empire
> Brian Howard: New media journalist extraordinaire
> Seth Godin on the marketing of global warming

> Jonathan Kesselman: Filmmaker, writer, observer of life
> Lindsay Clarke on how we should be helping the developing world
> Gary Hirshberg, CEO of Stonyfield Farm, adds ‘rapper’ to his resume

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