My timeline

Here are some of the things I’ve done:
1978: Born in New Hampshire. I don’t remember much of this.

1978-1996: Grew up in North Conway, New Hampshire. It was mostly good.

1996-1997: Studied computer science at the University of New Hampshire.

1997-1998: Transferred to the Rochester Institute of Technology to study graphic design. I got a bit sidetracked after working as a drug policy reform activist and getting into trouble with the school administration. It was worth it in the end: the organization I started turned into the very successful Students for Sensible Drug Policy.

1999: Moved to Chapel Hill, North Carolina and co-founded Zoom Culture, a company that’s been called “YouTube too early”. We caught the tail end of the dot com bubble and raised $16 million in venture capital. I ran the post-production department and produced, shot, and edited videos for the internet before anyone really watched videos on the internet. Unable to reach the nirvana of cash-flow breakeven, Zoom Culture the dot com went dot bomb.

2001: Moved to Boulder, Colorado and co-founded Renewable Choice Energy. Now one of the leading provider of wind energy credits and sustainability solutions, Renewable Choice has worked with companies like Whole Foods, Burt’s Bees, Performance Bicycles, Steelcase, and Allegro Coffee. In 2012, Renewable Choice was named the EPA’s Green Power Supplier of the Year.

2004: After the birth of my first child, I left Renewable Choice Energy and started an environmental marketing and advertising agency. It failed spectacularly, leaving me with a real world education in entrepreneurialism and some wounds to lick.

2006: Moved to Portland, Maine, licked my wounds, and started Green Options, the first environmental blog network. This was my first foray into professional blogging. In addition to writing blog posts myself, I hired and managed writers, designed editorial policies and calendars, and assigned and edited stories.

2008: Exited from Green Options and started work as a freelance blogger.

2009: Started writing for the Mother Nature Network (, where I write daily posts and monthly longform and list articles.

2011: Re-enrolled in school at the University of Southern Maine to pursue degrees in computer science and environmental science.

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