My school work

I returned to school in 2011 after a 13-year hiatus and am pursuing a degree in computer science at the University of Southern Maine here in Portland. I will graduate in the spring of 2015.


Spring 2015
COS 485: Computing Algorithms
COS 350: Systems Programming
BUS 347: Sustainable Business
BIO 107: Biology II

Fall 2014
COS 420: Object Oriented Design
COS 471: Advanced Database Design
BIO 105: Biology
BIO 106: Biology Lab
THE 170: Public Speaking

Spring 2014
COS 457: Database Design
COS 430: Software Engineering
PHI 205: Symbolic Logic
POS 106: International Relations

Fall 2013
COS 452: Computer Graphics
COS 360: Programming Languages
LIN 185: Linguistics—Language, Mind, & Society
ITP 210: Technical Writing

Spring 2013
COS 250: Computer Organization
COS 398: Professional Ethics & the Social Impact of Computers
ESP 203: Environmental Communications
MAT 120: Introduction to Statistics

Fall 2012
COS 280: Discrete Math II
COS 285: Data Structures
ESH 341: Environmental Regulations
ESP 150: Environmental Science Field Immersion

Spring 2012
COS 161: Algorithms in Programming
ENG 300: Fiction Writing
ESP 125: Introduction to Environmental Ecology
ESP 126: Introduction to Environmental Ecology Lab
MAT 145: Discrete Math I

Fall 2011
COS 160: Structured Problem Solving: Java
COS 170: Structured Programming Lab
ENG 201: Creative Writing
ESP 101: Fundamentals of Environmental Science
ESP 102: Fundamentals of Environmental Science Lab
MAT 140: Pre-Calculus Mathematics

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