Hire Me

I make a living as a freelance environmental blogger, media architect, publisher, editor, social media consultant, and marketing strategist. I’m entrepreneurial and love to be involved in projects at all levels of development.

Here are some of my past projects:

• In 1999, at the age of 21, I raised $16M in venture capital and started up Zoom Culture, a dotcom that’s been described as “YouTube too early”. We caught the end of the dot-com bubble and burned out not long after the bubble burst. I developed the initial branding and designed all the visual media assets of the company. After we raised money I ran the post-production department and oversaw a team of 15 editors, producers, writers, and visual artists to create content for the Zoom Culture website and contracted television shows.
• In 2001, I co-founded Renewable Choice Energy, now the nation’s leading provider of wind energy credits. Starting out of a basement in Boulder, Colorado, I worked with my two co-founders Kris Lotlikar and Quayle Hodek developing the company’s branding; website; and sales, marketing, and business development collateral.

• In 2006, I co-founded Green Options, a green blog network that spawned sites like Clean Technica; Gas 2.0; and Red, Green, and Blue. I created and lead editorial teams and developed and implemented marketing plans.

• In 2009, I started writing for MNN.com, which launched in January of that year. I write daily articles and monthly long form articles and lists.

• In 2011, I re-enrolled in college at the University of Southern Maine pursuing dual degrees in computer science and environmental science.

I am available for hire and have ~20 hours per week of open time. I excel at working remotely and am based out of Portland, Maine.

Contact me via email at SheaGunther@gmail.com if you have an interesting project, would like to see my resume, or if you have any question that I can answer.

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