For hire- me: blogger, media architect, social media guy


I am available for hire.

Are you looking for someone who knows the ins and outs of blogging, social media, and content marketing? Someone with a focus on the green side of the coin and with a deep background in entrepreneurship?

If you are, or know someone who is, look no further. I might just be your guy.

For the past six years I have made a living as a green blogger (I started my first blog in 2001). In 2006, I started up the first environmental blog network Green Options with entrepreneur David Anderson and have counted myself as a professional writer ever since. I landed at MNN just ahead of its launch in 2009.

One of the benefits of working as a blogger is a flexible schedule that has allowed me to work on a lot of good projects outside writing for MNN. Recently I helped build a clean tech news site and wrote and executed a successful social media plan for an independent movie. I can write, hire, manage, edit, network, market, and strategize. I have a deep background in entrepreneurialism and have acquired a lot of handy random skills over the years.

A large spot has opened up in my work availability so I am using all angles to turn up good new projects. I hereby submit myself over to the serendipity of the tubes and tunnels of the interwebs:

Is anyone looking to hire someone who knows a lot about online publishing, content marketing, social media, blogger relations, and marketing strategy?

If so, I’m available. Hire me.

I am looking for a good new project to work on. If you have such a project and are looking for someone with my qualifications, you should email me so we can talk. Or if you know someone who has a good project, send them this link and tell them to get in touch.

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